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You can track your vehicle to its exact location

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One of India's most promising GPS Tracking Companies...

Based in Kolkata, we provide the industry’s finest tracking devices, along with warranties, to insure that you, your family and your assets are safe and secure, and you can keep a close eye on them at all times, from anywhere in the world.

TrakingPro is a GPS tracking company that uses GPS tracking devices along with an app to track just about anything you need, including your vehicles, your pets or even your elderly grandparents. Some of the features include real time and exact location, alerts for burglary, geo-fencing and for cars over speeding and many more alerts. The GPS Tracker which is a robust device is also conveniently small and comes at incredibly discounted rates.

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Download Our TrakingPro App

To get the best of TrakingPro you will need to download the TrakingPro app. It’ll be the link to your vehicle and through it you have a complete overview on your vehicle’s movement. With the app you will be able live track your vehicle at any moment, from anywhere in the world.

24/7 Online Support

Right from your request for our service till complete installation of our GPS tracker, you count on us to assist you according at all times, to your convenience.

Ready to use

We make the whole TrakingPro process so simple that you don’t really have to do much. Just sit back and track your vehicle from anywhere.

Expert Engineers

We hire the best engineers so that we get a smashing review from you!

Hassle free installation

Considering that you are a busy person, we will install your GPS vehicle tracker within moments and will be out your way in no time!

With us, you can establish a virtual shield over your vehicles allowing you to monitor them closely and, in this way, take advantage of TrakingPro’s superb features and high tech devices. We can make managing your vehicles easier and more thoroughly.

Our Features

Easy Car Locator

You will be able to find your vehicle at all times, even in large parking lots because of our GPS finder.

Two-way Communication feature

Your vehicle device will be set up with this handy feature of a two-way audio, which enables live communication between you and the vehicle driver.

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TrakingPro also spells/pronounces Trakingpro as TrackingPro.