Easy Car Locator

You will be able to find your vehicle at all times, even in large parking lots because of our GPS finder.

Two-way Communication feature

Your vehicle device will be set up with this handy feature of a two-way audio, which enables live communication between you and the vehicle driver.

Alerts for collisions/accidents

In case off a bumps or crashes of the vehicle, the TrakingPro GPS tracker automatically alerts you through a quick phone call.

Fuel saver/ Engine Monitor

You can instantly keep check on fuel usage and monitor your engine’s health status constantly through the TrakingPro app.

Smart Live tracking

You can track your vehicle to its exact location, ensuring safety of assets, and protection against theft and wreckage.

Alerts for Over Speeding

You will get an immediate alert on TrakingPro app, if your vehicle has crossed the high speed limit.

Alarm for SOS

In case of an emergency, families can now send a warning alert, simply by pressing the panic button.

Warning for Geo- Fencing

You will receive an immediate notification from The TrakingPro GPS device, if your vehicle passes the bounds- whether domestic or commercial.

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TrakingPro also spells/pronounces Trakingpro as TrackingPro.