We are now on Inventiva

We TrakingPro are now on Inventiva. An interview that contains all the valuable information about us.......In today’s fast-paced world, where traveling is one of the most important and unavoidable aspects of a person’s personal and professional life, one’s desire for safety and security of his/her vehicle and the individual is accustomed.

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Web summit

Come to meet TrakingPro in “The best technology conference on the planet.”

On the occasion of showcasing the technologies to the world at Lisbon, Portugal is going to organize the Web summit where the world will experiences the best tech meet ever. We, TrakingPro is also taking part to showcase our advanced technologies to the world. So, we are going to take one step ahead towards entitling our name in the list of the participants of the advanced technology.

  • Web Summit is a technology conference held annually since 2009. The company was founded by Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly, and Daire Hickey.
  • The topic of the conference is focused on internet technology and attendees range from Fortune 500 companies to smaller tech companies.

Invitation from “TrakingPro” to all the tech lovers out there.

  • We, TrakingPro is a GPS device company that is the part of IoT which involves extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices like smart phones, tablets, GPS devices embedded with technology.
  • The devices can communicate and interact over the internet and can remotely be monitored and controlled. So, we are going to showcase our IoT technology on a world-class platform.

So, TrakingPro is inviting you all to come and have a cup of coffee with us and witness the web summit along with our advance featured GPS devices technology.


AIS-140 extension

According to the central government has decided to post pond the mandatory rules regarding AIS-140 requirement to have global positioning system equipment and the panic button connected to all public transport service vehicle till April 1, 2019

AIS140 is mainly implemented to reduce the Vehicular crime in the country.

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AIS 140 is a set of the standards published by ARAI, designed to build an intelligent fleet management system using GPS system specifically tailed to gain total control over public transports in India. It is believed that ITS would narrow all traffic-related crime issues using GPS systems.

The Government has taken cognizance of the unfortunate incident which took place in Delhi, December 2012. This amendment has aimed the GPS system technology to enhance the safety security for women in the country.

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