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One of India's most promising GPS Tracking Companies...

TrakingPro is a GPS tracking company that uses GPS tracking devices along with an app to track just about anything you need, including your vehicles, your pets or even your elderly grandparents. Some of the features include real time and exact location, alerts for burglary, geo-fencing and for cars over speeding and many more alerts. The GPS Tracker which is a robust device is also conveniently small and comes at incredibly discounted rates.

Our main aim is to provide services that enable both huge corporations to supervise their mobile assets as well as providing individuals keep a sharp eye on their close family and friends and keep them safe. TrakingPro is determined to provide our clients with only the finest of service. Here are some of the reasons why you should pick TrakingPro to track your vehicle-

We help reduce your fuel and maintenance bills by a lot!

We help you track actions of your vehicle drivers- their extra stops and reducing time spent at unauthorized locations.

We help you live track your vehicle, documenting actual routes driven and stops made. We provide you with an anti-theft device that ensures your vehicle is protected from all destruction. Our modes are safe and our devices technologically advanced, keeping your assets intact for their journeys.

Company Profile

TrakingPro, a product owned by Shireen Electronics PVT LTD which was established in 2014, is based on GPS technology and provide GPS Tracking products, applications and services. With TrakingPro, you can track your personal or commercial vehicle in real time and from anywhere in the world, right from your TrakingPro smart phone application! Some of our services include Geo fencing which alerts you incase the vehicle has passed the boundary it is programmed to stay in, accident or collision alerts if the vehicle gets into an accident or crash, anti-theft alerts to protect it from burglars, real time tracking to ensure safety of loved ones and assets and over-speeding alerts when the car is going over the recommended speed limit.

Shireen Electronics PVT LTD is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has been approved and granted the MSME certificate, and successfully registered in Startup India as well.

Our Company does Research and Development in GPS Technology in order to make a safer and secure, and more economical future, to protect the lives of your loved ones while also providing comfort.

We market for companies all across India as well as its neighboring countries. We are fully dedicated to our goal which includes becoming India's best GPS Vehicle Tracking system.

Our Honour

National High-Tech Enterprise

OEM / ODM Service

IoT and TrakingPro

TrakingPro is closely integrated into the Internet of Things. All GPS tracking is done virtually and so connects the GPS devices to your smart phone. Control therefore of the tracking itself, is made extremely easy and convenient. Theft, accidents, fuel problems, over speeding or even unnecessary stopping of the vehicle is promptly sent to your smart phone at once, via a notification.


Our Mission

Our mission is to expand our services countrywide and strengthen our team of professionals as well as further advance our GPS systems and devices to provide more benefits for our clients.

Our Vision

We have a vision to create elite tracking services especially in India to help Indian businesses to flourish by keeping assets completely safe as well as helping with emergencies and excellent fuel management.

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TrakingPro also spells/pronounces Trakingpro as TrackingPro.