TPRO 05 AIS 140 GPS Tracker

Have you ever thought of knowing the where about of your family friend or someone else? Yes right? I know, we all have this kind of thoughts that leave us worried. So to make you feel free TrakingPro has brought you a tracking device that can solve your problem.

Tracking devices are made of some satellites those help the device to track things. So, if you have a car that you want to take care of then installing a tracker can be the best option.

Trakingpro AIS 140 Tpro-05

Price : ₹ 9999


  • This contains Ip65 waterproof shell.
  • It shows you the real-time tracking records.
  • It has disable petrol and power option.
  • History replay feature..
  • It enables Geo-fence system.
  • It offers vibration alert.
  • It offers over speeding alarm.
  • It contains power cut and low battery alarm.





850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz

GPS chip

Ublox 7020

GSM module




Work Voltage

9V - 36V

AIS-140 GPS Tracker Features

Our AIS 140 GPS Tracker is a full-bodied yet compact ARAI Certified vehicle tracker is designed specifically for advance tracking and monitoring of vehicles. TrakingPro AIS-140 GPS tracker also comes with a number of features like low battery alert, tampering alerts, GPS box open alert and much more. Its low-cost features entail volume- based management reporting and large scale deployment. Check out the features of our AIS-140 GPS Tracker for commercial vehicle in details below.

Power Cut Off Alarm
Power Cut Off Alarm

By installing AIS-140 GPS Tracker, you can get notified through an alarm whenever there is a power cut. This feature is immensely beneficial for people who hire drivers for cabs.

Low Battery Alert
Low Battery Alert

TrakingPro AIS-140 GPS Tracker has been exclusively designed for cars. It provides low battery alert in case your car falls prey to low battery event.

Full Charge Alert
Full Charge Alert

The device alerts when the battery is fully charged. It can be helpful the in the long-lasting of the tracking device.

Auto Connect with GPRS Alert
Auto Connect with GPRS Alert

An instant alert will be set whenever the TrakingPro AIS-140 GPS tracker is automatically connected with GPRS. It can help in monitoring the vehicle with further accuracy.

Ignition On/Off Alert
Ignition On/Off Alert

By installing AIS-140 GPS tracker from TrakingPro in your vehicle you can be totally worry free in terms of its security. You will be alerted whenever the car engine is started and turned off.

Emergency/SOS Alert
Emergency/SOS Alert

AIS-140 GPS tracker can send emergency/SOS alert in case of an emergency such as an accident etc. in the course of your driving.

GPS Box Open Alert
GPS Box Open Alert

An alert will be sent whenever the GPS box is opened. It can help be helpful in cases where the GPS box is opened with an attempt to remove the device.

Harsh Breaking Alert
Harsh Breaking Alert

Harsh braking generally occurs when a driver uses more force than it is necessary to stop the vehicle. By installing TrakingPro AIS-140 GPS Tracking device in your vehicle, you can receive reports and real-time alerts for aggressive driving and harsh braking events.

Harsh Acceleration Alert
Harsh Acceleration Alert

Harsh acceleration or braking is basically a driver event when more force than necessary is applied to the vehicle's accelerator or brake. With AIS-140 GPS tracker you can get real-time alerts against harsh acceleration. In can help in reducing rear end collisions, aggressive driving behaviors and improve safety of drivers & public.

Rash Driving
Rash Driving

One of the main objectives of TrakingPro AIS-140 GPS Tracking device is to detect rash driving on highways and alert on the same. It plays an important role to eliminate over speed and rash driving.

Device Tempered
Device Tempered

Device Tempered Alert feature of TrakingPro AIS-140 GPS Tracker notifies when the device or vehicle has been tampered, moved, or pushed without starting the ignition. A tamper alert will be sent even if the GPS tracking unit is removed.


Idle for cars and especially for bikes. So the installation of this device would help you track your precious asset and would leave you updated for each and every single moment. The device allows you to get notified for every possible unexpected situation like over-speeding, collision, accidents, along with real-time tracking, vibration alarm, disable power and petrol option.

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