ConnectedYou storms into Indian IoT landscape, partners with TrakingPro to cement its growing traction in India

Indian IoT companies will now be able to use unique and dedicated IoT Connectivity Orchestration Service from ConnectedYou in India not only for AIS 140 and other IoT use cases but also for worldwide connectivity requirements.

Denmark & India, 30th April 2019

ConnectedYou, Denmark based award winning universally independent IoT connectivity orchestration company and TrakingPro, a pioneering company in GPS tracking solutions in India have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to offer insured and future proof local and global IoT connectivity solutions to enterprises in India.

The connectivity needs for IoT devices change as time progresses and yet it is the only element that cannot be reprogrammed remotely once devices are deployed in the field. This creates a major challenge for companies building and deploying IoT solutions today. Even more so for companies in India as the technology that could possibly enable such features is not embedded into the Indian IoT ecosystem. Indian companies building IoT devices for global deployment even supported by the “Make in India” initiative do not have access to the global connectivity solutions and making contracts with mobile operators from different countries is not practically feasible.

Additionally, it has been mandated in India to connect vehicles with a tracking solution. AIS 140 regulation defines the base requirements for such solutions and minimum criteria that the solutions must fulfil is based on multi-network support powered by eUICC & eSIMs. ConnectedYou owns the most formidable technology platform and solution to support such requirements in the most robust ways without the use of multi-IMSI solutions that should never be used for IoT deployments.

Enterprises deploying IoT devices, like TrakingPro GPS trackers based on cellular connectivity powered with eUICC and eSIM based technology are struggling to orchestrate the services in a modular way as components come from different suppliers who don’t necessarily work well with each other or from a single supplier locking the enterprise's hostage forever.

ConnectedYou enables the selection and purchase of Telecom connectivity through ConnectedYou Connectivity Orchestration platform. This allows Connectivity Provider selection decisions to be made on merit, depending on coverage, quality,price and if need be switch from one provider to another in real time at-a-click.

“It was a great decision by authorities to choose eSIMs with eUICC technology and functionality for AIS 140 devices, however it is to be noted that the Indian ecosystem is not mature enough to exploit the full potential of such technology. Together with TrakingPro we are cementing the base. Enterprises in India will now be able to purchase the universally independent SIM/eSIMs based on eUICC technology and choose subscriptions at will from a range of network operators in India and abroad. We bring the power of freedom and choice to enterprises and we believe it will truly support the Indian companies to quickly and easily deploy IoT solutions in India and worldwide using programmable connectivity that insures their future.” said Velipekka Kuoppala, Chief Business Officer & Co-founder at ConnectedYou.

“Together we are stronger,AIS 140 requires multi-network connections and since in a country like India where there are wide gaps and areas with single or no network coverage it poses a major challenge to deploy a solution that actually works in the field. There are options to use multi-IMSI based solutions, but these bring very little reliability factor for IoT use cases in the long term. Together with ConnectedYou we will now be able to offer the absolute best IoT connectivity solution in India for AIS 140 and other global IoT use cases,” said Shamim Akhtar, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of TrakingPro.

Notes to editors

ConnectedYou eSIMs are fully managed by ConnectedYou as an independent provider and can be enabled with connectivity from any provider within the ecosystem.

About ConnectedYou

ConnectedYou is an independent IoT Service company offering a unique and unified IoT service to enterprises globally through a single access platform integrated with multiple technology and service providers. ConnectedYou’s service is based on 4 pillar approach encompassing Devices, Connectivity, Cloud Services and Value-added Services. ConnectedYou enables an ecosystem that allows enterprises to freely choose services and offers from suppliers, enabling the ability to remotely switch suppliers within the ConnectedYou ecosystem. ConnectedYou provides enterprises with a future proof orchestration for all their IoT needs keeping future innovation and improvements in mind.

ConnectedYou is a Danish company with offices/teams in Denmark, Switzerland, France and the UK.

Indian authorities, telecom operators, AIS 140 device manufacturers, AIS 140 solution makers and other IoT solution providers are invited to contact ConnectedYou for further information, clarification, guidance and consultation at [email protected] .

About TrakingPro

TrakingPro has gained the reputation as a leading company in GPS tracker sector from the very beginning and an acknowledged pioneer of GPS tracking devices in India. TrakingPro is tackling the 400 million car industry demand in India supported by government AIS 140 regulatory directive. TrakingPro is one of the few certified providers able to give a response to this demand. Due to impressive local success in India with the absolute best offering for AIS 140, TrakingPro is now extending its offering globally.



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