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eSIM: Everything You Need to Know about the New Mobile Standards

eSIM: Everything You Need to Know about the New Mobile Standards

The term eSIM is gradually taking the world by a swift breeze. And as the time will take its step forward into the near future, eSIM will take over the digital world too, specifically in the IoT industry. So what is an eSIM? Well, the answer hides in the question. The ‘e’ in the ‘eSIM’ stands for ‘electronic’. So basically eSIM stands for electronic SIM card. It is different from the ordinary physical SIM card which we use for our cell phones nowadays. The eSIM, on the whole, is built into your device and you cannot remove it, as a matter of fact, you will never need to remove it. 

At the same time as eSIMs are still extremely new for cell phones, they have actually been in use for some years now. Have you ever marvelled at the question how your Apple Watch connects to its data plan without any SIM card slot inside of it? Yes, you get it right, it’s an eSIM. 

eSIMs make the switching between carriers and plans super easy – it is the best thing about eSIMS. Compatible carriers are able to erase the data on your eSIM remotely and reprogram it. So you no longer have to wait around the corner for your new SIM card to arrive.  Not only this, eSIMs lets you switch plans in a matter of a few minutes.

Mobile Phones that Support eSIMs

At present, all the latest iPhones from Apple – the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – come with an eSIM, as well as a standard SIM card. Apple’s Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4 and iPad Pro make use of eSIMs too. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL from Google also come with eSIM support, again with a traditional SIM card slot so that the existing SIM cards can be used side by side.

Benefits of eSIMs

There are numerous benefits to using an eSIM, however, all these benefits may not be applicable to everyone. People who use two different phone numbers can avail the main benefits of an eSIM whether it's a personal or a work cell phone number. Now let’s check out the special and unique benefits of an eSIM below:

  • No threat of losing or damaging your SIM card when taking it out

  • Instant activation of the plan once the eSIM is bought

  • No need to wait for the SIM card to arrive in the mail

  • eSIMs are great for traveling since you can use a travel SIM and your regular SIM simultaneously

  • It’s quite easy and effortless to switch from one SIM to another


Eventually, traditional SIM cards will soon be replaced by eSIMs in the coming future. To talk about the present, eSIMs are used as the second SIM card in a number of high–end mobile phones devices and tablets. From the point of view of the design, eSIMs also indicate that phones are supposed to become even slimmer since there would be no need for a SIM tray.

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