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Why Every School Should Have a Panic Button System?

Why Every School Should Have a Panic Button System?

A panic button in school basically does the job of a highly effective communication system for schools. As the name suggest, panic buttons for school has been exclusively designed to speed up the consequences of an emergency by facilitating an instant and quicker response. It can be considered as a more helpful means of school emergency communication between school personnel and faculty. 

In the event of an emergency, all that matters is time. Panic buttons are available with an integral notification system for speeding up emergency response.

A disastrous fire could take up the entire building in control in less than 5 minutes, the survival probability of person’s with a heart attack reduces by 7-10 percent in case every minute CPR is not given and mass shooting takes a comparatively smaller amount of time.

In most of the emergency situations, the quantity of time it takes to report and respond to an emergency can stand for the variation between life and death. Owing to this cause, it is vital for each and every school to have an effectual school emergency panic button. 

On the other hand, parents can also be assured of their children’s safety. A panic button in school will make sure that the emergency help reaches on time. It will further help in the total security of the students, teachers, administrator or the school stuffs. This is why panic buttons in school are a must to have.

It may happen that the school falls into the grip of a perilous circumstance. Under such an emergency condition, it may not be possible for the school staff or caretaker to reach for a mobile phone and call a certain number asking for help. A panic button in this respect can be proven savior since a simple press on it will deliver emergency message and help will arrive in no time. There will absolutely be no hassle, yet the call for emergency assistance will be send instantly. So you can see how useful the panic buttons will be for schools.

Being one of the largest providers of GPS tracking devices all over India, we recommend that you have more than one panic button located throughout the entire school building. For apparent causes, a hazardous incidence could come about anyplace all through the school. It would not be useful to only have one panic button in the school administrators’ offices since a teacher on the other side of the school may require accessing it.

With the purpose of making sure that all students are out of harm's way all the time, it is extremely recommended to have a panic button in each classroom in a school. Different other places around the school building where a panic button could be helpful are the cafeteria, administrators’ offices, hallways, library and gym. We at TrakingPro present the most excellent way with panic button for school for you to deal with the looming personal harm from a number of perilous circumstances.

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