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Which Are the Main Telematics Solution Providers in India?

Which Are the Main Telematics Solution Providers in India?

There are many telematics solution providers in India, some new and some old. However, there are some providers of telematics solutions that rank higher. If you don’t know it already, the Government of India has lately decided to edge policies to apply ITS in partnership with a Geneva-based road federation corporation. Following the implementation of this policy, it would take care of a number of issues that infect the public transport services.

Among the many companies offering telematics service providers in India, some notables are iTriangle Infotech, American Megatrends India Pvt. Ltd, Intelegain, TrakingPro, etc. All these companies in India are eminent in terms of offering the best in class telematics solutions. All of them have got the AIS Certification from ICAT. 

Here, in this case, the focus must be driven to the AIS 140. Under the ITS, Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) along with Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has enclosed specific AIS Guidelines where AIS 140 is one amongst them. AIS-140 is basically a set of standards issued by ARAI for camera surveillance system, vehicle tracking system and emergency request button. In addition, the government of India has directed every state’s public transport department to ensure that all passenger-carrying buses obey the Automotive Industry Standard AIS 140 guidelines by 1st April 2018.

To start on with, every bus will need to have a GPS tracking system, an emergency button (panic button) and camera surveillance in order to comply with AIS 140 guidelines. This will certainly facilitate the department in tracking the bus in case of an emergency and also allow the passengers to intimate the control room of any kind of emergencies or mishaps.

Also, note that both the existing vehicles plus the future vehicles will be required to fit the emergency button and GPS tracker inside. This entails that the automotive OEMs along with aftermarket companies and Tier-1 suppliers necessitate having these systems geared up.

There are various reasons for the above-mentioned companies to be accepted as the topmost vehicle Telematics services Providers Company in India since they comply with the AIS 140 standards. Let’s find out some of the reasons behind choosing AIS-140 standards tor advanced telematics solutions.

  • Real-time tracking with GPS tracking devices

  • ICAT Certification

  • Solid State Storage with 40000+ tracking records

  • Serial Port (RS232)

  • Large battery backup of 750mAh

  • AIS-140 Certified Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Components

  • 3 Axis Gyrometer and 3 Axis Accelerometer

  • Supports Normal SIM as well as embedded SIM (eSIM)

  • Provision for IRNSS support

  • Environment proof ABS casing with IP67

AIS-140 certified GPS trackers are an advanced GNSS and GSM terminal which can be used in real-time tracking with various MIS Reports, serial data and I/O applications. It can be used as a fleet management device in an assortment of domains such rent a car, taxi operation, logistic, insurance telemetrics, security tracking and asset tracking etc. The trackers from TrakingPro, one of the main providers of swift telematics services in India, are certified with AIS-140 regulation standard as per ARAI.

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