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Ways to increase fleet productivity with GPS Tracking

Ways to increase fleet productivity with GPS Tracking

The moving assets on wheels certainly play an important role in terms of determining the success for numerous small, medium and large scale companies. In particular, the triumph of industries involved in transportation, tours & travels, logistics and courier services chiefly depends upon the effectiveness of their fleet operations. However, managing the fleet is not an easy job. Keeping an eye on each one of the vehicle along with the driver sometimes turn out to be messy for a single person.

In the middle of all these odds, a ground-breaking tool has arisen that has reevaluated the manner fleet vehicles are generally managed. This is known as the tracking technology – Global Positioning System (GPS).  The automobile industry has embraced this technology for easier and simpler fleet management and further, to know the live status of any vehicle. GPS tracking system is now being used to efficiently manage and maintain the organization’s fleet like never before. 

Now let’s check out different ways in which fleet productivity can be increased and boosted with GPS tracking:

By Tracking Fuel Usage

Costing becomes a vital part given that many businesses and organizations have restricted and tight budget allocations for their fleet’s management and maintenances. And when it comes to fleets, fuel is the main aspect of driving the expenditures. GPS tracking of vehicles can help you save big on fuel costs in such cases. Tracking devices and applications keeps an eye on individual vehicle’s distance as well as the mileage covered. GPS Tracking helps in presenting accurate figures of fuel usage.

Through Effective Scheduling

For the managers of large fleets, this could be the most helpful feature since GPS tracking of vehicles allows them to check the present accessibility and occupancy of fleet vehicles. It can further help in terms of making informed decisions regarding the scheduling of the vehicles. Apart from the vehicle status, GPS tracking also lets the managers know which vehicle is out for work and by when it will be available and draft the timetable in real-time accordingly.

Through Well-timed Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

The key to a successful business is keeping your customers happy and satisfied. On-time delivery and informing the clients about the present job status are the most important factors accountable for attaining a happy clientage. In this case, GPS tracking system enables you to track where exactly the fleet is on its way to delivery permitting you to keep your customers updated, in the event of delays.

Maintain Your Fleet health

For the continuous fleet operations in the long-term service of your vehicles, it is important that each fleet vehicle is equally used. With GPS tracking you will be able to know how much a fleet is used. This can help the businesses to schedule and distribute tasks equally which sooner or later stops due to over or under-usage. This way GPS tracking helps reduce downtime.

Takeaway: These were some of the ways to potentially increase fleet productivity with the GPS tracking system. But before choosing any GPS tracking device for fleet tracing, ensure that the system you are choosing lets you execute the above-mentioned tasks. Make a smart move by choosing TrakingPro AIS-140 GPS Tracking devices for an efficient tracking for your fleet.

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