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Smallest Asset GPS Tracker - GF 10

Smallest Asset GPS Tracker - GF 10

GF-10 is a small finger sized wireless GPS tracking device that can be systematically used for tracking any asset you own or any individual person or property. The major feature of this GPS tracking device is its size and ultra-superior performance. The small size of the device makes it suitable for any sort of hidden tracking. 

The device can be placed inside your car without bringing it under the notice of people. Similarly, the GF-10 GPS tracker can be used as a personal tracking device as well. The device comes with built-in strong magnetism which makes the tracking device even more demanding among the consumers.

With real-time tracking, the device the GF 10 GPS tracking device ensure location accuracy, high performance and comparatively longer battery life. Apart from that, the small and sleek design makes it even more compelling to buy. In terms of performance, the GF-10 GPS tracking system stands shoulder to shoulder with other contemporary trackers. 

On the whole, the GF-10 has the following key features:

  • High functionality

  • Longer life

  • Superior performance

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy to use

When it comes to the tracking of important assets like shipments, packages, or any other form of assets, it sometime becomes challenging to track them given that you don’t want to allow the GPS tracking device to be visible to the public. In such scenarios, GF 10 GPS tracking device is a boon. You can use to track your kids, better half or even parents since it is very small, wireless and efficient.

The GF 10 GPS tracking devices comes with a built in 600mah battery which gives powerful battery backup of up to four days. Apart from that, the device comes with geo-fencing, power saving mode, tracking history for last one month, low-power alarm and accurate real-time tracking.

The special and unique features and benefits of the GF-10 GPS tracking device are following:

  • Real GPS+LBS+AGPS Tracking

  • Geo-fence/Low battery alarm

  • Support memory storage when GSM lost

  • Voice listen/Voice recording

  • Accurate tracking via SMS/Platform/APP

  • Activate GPS on for fix time

  • Historical tracks

  • Power saving mode/Sleep mode

  • Vibration anti-theft alarm

Considering from the above-mentioned discussions and points, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that the GF-10 GPS tracking device could be a potential game changer in both personal as well as commercial GPS tracking domain. The effectiveness, accuracy and strength of the GF-10 GPS tracking system are to be experience to be believed. In India, you can avail this GF-10 GPS tracking device from TrakingPro only. We bring GF-10 directly to you from China for the same price that you would pay in China. So why not give it a shot and get your hands on this amazing GPS tracking device GF-10 today!

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