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In our current era, the benefit of IOT best and e-SIM best GPS tracker

In our current era, the benefit of IOT best and e-SIM best GPS tracker

With the arrival of Internet of Things (IOT) technology in India, with the location-based sensors like GPS, we nowadays have the facility for personal security and safety solutions to comprise a location tracking potential. Now, with rapid assistance against any danger or threat is away from a push on the button.

Benefits of IOT in Terms of Security

What do you basically think of when it comes to personal security? To answer this question, you may get lost in the thinking about the locks on the doors of your home or maybe an alarm system in addition to the locks. Maybe an armed guard or a team of guard to follow you wherever you go. Or maybe, at last you may think access to a gun could give you the ultimate personal security!

At the same time as these are legitimate instances of personal security solutions, they all certainly have their limitations beyond which they can’t perform. In-home alarm systems or locks on doors defend you as long as you are in your home, but if you leave the home, they turn out to be irrelevant from the point of view of personal security.

Only a few people can afford the expenditure and trouble of an armed-guard following them around and let a team of armed guards around. Plus, not each person has the training and freedom to carry a gun coupled with the confidence that they could use it sensibly.

It is needless to say that security stands for much more than just preventing harm from the bad guys. You may not be intelligent enough to avert bad things from occurring, but with IOT or Internet of Things technology which is a software platform pooled with location based sensors and security services are now obtainable to make sure that you get help whenever it is needed.

Benefits of eSIM

In this existing era of communication, there is scarcely any person who doesn’t own a mobile phone or is not allied to the mobile connectivity by one means or other. A mobile phone basically works on the SIM which is known as the Subscriber Identification Module. The term eSIM can be considered as the new age technology. It is endorsed by the network operators globally since the SIM is integrated in the mobile device in this technology and it cannot be removed from the mobile device.

  • The details and information stored on eSIM is rewritable. Therefore, if you want to change or switch your network operator, it can be done effortlessly. You no longer have to swipe the SIM and wait for the new SIM.
  • eSIM technology grants the production and development of smaller devices since there is no need to have a SIM slot inside.

The expansion and development of eSIM has fetched of wave of transformation in the way the smart phones and cloud computing are used. A huge benefit of eSIM is being employed in AIS-140 which establishes the principles how the smart transportation system works to boost the effectiveness of the complete system.

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