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Importance of ARAI and AIS 140 GPS Tracker in India

Importance of ARAI and AIS 140 GPS Tracker in India

The Indian Government has directed every state government to implement the slandered AIS 140 GPS vehicle tracking devices. It was stated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways that the installation of AIS 140 GPS tracker together with the emergency button ought to be obligatory in all new public and commercial vehicles with a nationwide permit.

Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 140 is basically a set of standards published by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) for vehicle tracking system, disaster request button (panic button) and camera surveillance system. One of the most widely executed techniques to decrease the dreadful traffic problem is the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). 

On the other hand, ITS is a national program which is aimed at utilizing modern computers and communications in order to make travel faster, safer and smarter with public transport management, traffic management solutions, emergency management, etc. Under the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) in conjunction with Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has enclosed assured AIS Guidelines. AIS 140 is one basically one of them.

The industries that are required to have the obligatory AIS 140 certified GPS Tracking Device are below mentioned:

  • Domestic and Interstate Private Bus Operators

  • Ambulances 

  • Emergency Response Vehicles

  • All Educational Institutions (School Buses etc.)

  • Cars Owner

  • Bus Owners

  • Taxi or Commercial Fleet Owners

  • Taxi Ride Hailing Services

  • State Road Transport Corporations

  • Rental Car Services

The transport system in the metro cities of India is struggling hard to grip such enormous integer of vehicles. Traffic blockage is one of the key confrontations that the decision makers, as well as the concerned authorities, are dealing with nowadays. It is needless to say that technology and technological advancements have become the backbone of everything in our everyday life.

In order to trim down traffic irregularity issues, to keep an eye on driver behavior, the newest technology of AIS 140 compliant vehicle tracking devices ought to be used in the traffic systems in this instant. With the assistance of historical data (for instance, replay of trips, alerts, idling time, stoppages etc), real-time tracking, reports of each month, authorities can look into such occurrences plus they can also take apposite gauges to the traffic overcrowding. Formerly, it was consisted of unknown and unidentified risks which involved in operations.

The special Features and Benefits of TrakingPro’s AIS 140 GPS Tracking Device:

  • Real-time status on vehicle tracking

  • AIS 140 certified GPS trackers

  • ARAI certified GPS tracking devices

  • Embedded SIMs (eSIM)

  • Panic Button (SOS)

  • IP66 Dust and waterproof

  • Alerts on Over Speeding, Power Off, Idling, Geo-fence, etc.)

  • Government-approved emergency button

  • Dual Network SIM

AIS-140 GPS tracking devices are being implemented all over the country for each and every public transport vehicles. The essential components of AIS 140 GPS trackers in India comprise of widespread installation of GPS tracking devices, together with a panic button for real-time vehicle tracking and measures on instant emergency management. TrakingPro could be your ideal partner to select the perfect AIS 140 GPS tracking device for your enormous transition in fleet management solutions.

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