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How Do GPS Tracking and Panic Button on Public Transport Vehicle Help?

How Do GPS Tracking and Panic Button on Public Transport Vehicle Help?

As per the mandate from the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, every one of public transport vehicles must have to be fitted with Panic Buttons and VLTs (Vehicle Location Tracking) starting from 1 January 2019. This rule is applicable to vehicles registered on or after 1 January 2019. A new regulation, the AIS140 was put in place at the beginning of 2019. As per this regulation, one or more emergency buttons and a vehicle location tracking (VLT) device have to be installed on all type of public transport vehicles.

All public transport vehicles such as public taxies, buses, registered educational institution buses must comply with AIS 140 and must be installed with panic buttons and VLT. To talk about the present trend, the bionetwork around the Internet of Things (IoT) application in the automotive industry has advanced. The device backend, ecosystem and servers that offer services for the panic button and other such requirements have been fulfilled by now. This is the reason why there is a plentiful demand for VLTs in the market. 

The AIS 140 standards have been specifically designed by the Government to ensure the security or safety of women, students as well as other travelers. The device is also effective and beneficial in terms of responding to emergencies and medical needs, along with a reduction in over-speeding cases. At the same time as passengers travelling alone will be satisfied to know that their vehicle is being tracked by a GPS tracking device and there is a panic button to put their faith in, in case a situation goes out of control. The system will also facilitate the drivers of these public service vehicles.

In the event of an accident, as an alternative to calling the emergency services and explaining the location to them over the phone, the occupant/ driver of the vehicle can transmit the vehicle's location in a straight line to the emergency response team by a simple push of a button. This system can also be proven beneficial in rough situations throughout natural disasters. The panic button is beneficial in terms of any serious emergency. It will be placed in several places inside the vehicle where everyone can see and reach it.

The state government will handle the tracking of the vehicles installed with VLT and panic button devices. In case you already own a public transport vehicle, there is a way to sign up for this standard. There are more than a few options for updating existing vehicles with AIS 140 compliance devices.  You can have it updated with an aftermarket device vendor, the OEM, or the transport & logistics company the vehicle is registered with.

TrakingPro, being one of the pioneers in providing the best in class AIS 140 GPS tracker devices, is all set to safeguard your drive on the roads and other walks of life, for instance, private vehicles, commercial vehicles, and school buses. We aspire to provide you with our major AIS 140 GPS solutions all over India.

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