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How ARAI and AIS-140 Certified GPS (Tpro-05) Fleet Tracking Improves Customer Service

How ARAI and AIS-140 Certified GPS (Tpro-05) Fleet Tracking Improves Customer Service

All the state governments have been directed by the Government of India to implement the standards, outfit AIS 140 acquiescent GPS tracking devices with the supporting software for all passenger-carrying vehicles viz. buses, cars etc. and other public transport vehicles effective from January 1, 2019. Since Internet of Things (IoT) technology is essential for facilitating superior passenger experiences, efficiency and safety come along. At TrakingPro, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the right help and yoke the supremacy of connectedness. Tpro-05, the AIS 140 solution offered by TrakingPro will be significant in terms of making public transport safer for everyone and providing improved customer services.

Tpro-05 has been specifically designed keeping in mind the AIS-140 guidelines as well as the Indian operating conditions. The solution includes pre-certified devices, managed cellular connectivity from the top service providers, analytics, backend application, and an easy operation of services. Besides meeting the standard specifications, this GPS device provides you with an all-inclusive end-to-end solution in terms of operations and deployment of connected vehicles more proficiently, firmly and by drastically helping decrease the related outfitted expenses. This ARAI and AIS-140 certified GPS (Tpro-05) fleet tracking solution would help officials in tracking the vehicle and allow passengers to inform the control room in the event of an emergency.

TrakingPro’s expertise in the IoT space will make things easier in terms of deployment, adoption and monitoring of the tracking system in a secure and personalized manner. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is basically the application of analysis, control, sensing and communications technologies to soil transportation with the intention to improve security, mobility and effectiveness. ITS comprise of a wide range of applications that share and process information to perk up traffic management, reduce environmental blow and augment the benefits of transportation to commercial and public users.

ARAI and AIS-140 certified GPS (Tpro-05) fleet tracking will play a vital role in terms of bringing transformation in transport industry. Amalgamation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in public transport vehicles will be on an advanced level once this standard is executed in its whole. It is the best GPS tracking device you can ask for fleet tracking in terms of improving customer service. This device works flawlessly from tracking real-time destination to providing all emergency alerts in a total package. On the other hand, TrakingPro’s competent expertise and technology driven GPS solutions is a bonus.

A driver linked with a customer can, with no trouble, let you be acquainted so that you can send off another driver. Communications between drivers and dispatchers require to be as smooth as doable so that no information is misplaced in the hobble. If an undependable system fails and drivers can’t be contacted, the service that a customer receives will possibly be easily impacted harmfully, so two-way messaging is a tremendously helpful attribute. This way ARAI and AIS-140 certified GPS (Tpro-05) fleet tracking Improves dispatch-to-driver communications about job status which results in improved customer service. It also plays a major role in terms of increasing customer profitability and satisfaction through fleet tracking.

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