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Does 2G GPS Tracker Work on a 3G Network?

Does 2G GPS Tracker Work on a 3G Network?

Technically, a 2G GPS tracker will not work on a 3G network, to be more precise, it will not work on a 3G-only network. Therefore, 2G GPS trackers will only function and connect on 2G channels. However, most networks will support 2G, 3G or 4G channels letting the GPS trackers connect to a preferred channel. On the other hand, some networks will not support 2G connectivity in any way. In addition to that, some countries are shutting down 2G bandwidth entirely to make use of it for 4G networks as an alternative.

It is true that as much as 99% of the GPS tracking devices work on 2G only. But what you need to keep in mind is that this doesn't denote that they are low-class devices. The actual fact is that GPS tracking devices do not need high bandwidth as the size of an average data package is 150bytes only. So applying a high bandwidth such as a 3G or 4G connection would basically be too much. So technically or from the perspective of business growth and cost cut, whichever you may choose to apply to this scenario, manufacturers, as a result, keep the costs down by using cheaper 2G chipsets.

If you are looking for an alternative solution to this question, you can use a 2G tracker with a 3G SIM card that is well-matched with 2G networks. You cannot make use of your 2G enabled GPS tracker on a pure 3G network given that your device will not support it. On the other hand, you can, at all times, purchase a 3G GPS tracker that would work on the 3G network. This way you can enjoy GPS tracking services without any hassle.

To name one of the reasons why many countries are shutting down 2G networks is because the 2G network generally takes loads of resources to hold up the minute market like Car Alarm or GPS tracking. Additionally, smart mobile devices, as well as mobile data traffic, cultivated. And with that, what more is increasing is the demand for faster speeds is. For the future, the 3G or 4G GPS Tracker might be a better choice over 2G GPS tracking devices.

GPS tracking devices basically track signals from satellites and this is how they work. Consequently, these GPS tracking devices do not have to face any issue receiving signals from a phone that utilizes 2G or 3G network connection. For that reason, a GPS tracking device can work at any place, regardless of the location of a user. So if you are making use of a 2G GPS tracker that is able to transmit location over a 2G network,  it will not work on a 3G network given that both of these two are basically different techniques of communication. 

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