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ARAI & AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracker: Who Should Use and Why?

ARAI & AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracker: Who Should Use and Why?

The transport system the government of India, with their focus on increasing and ensuring efficiency, has designed an Intelligent Transport System which is also known as the ITS, under the Automotive Industry Standard-140 (AIS-140). This Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is internationally capable to optimize the deployment of presented transport infrastructure to the greatest of its faculty.

This helps to further advance the transportation system in respect of quality, efficiency, safety, and comfort. One cannot deny the fact that the number of vehicles on the street is increasing daily and this can be considered as one of the major reasons why there is a need for guidelines imposed by the government to specify the security and emergency standards that need to be entailed in all kind of public transport systems. The most unswerving utilization and severe conformity of AIS-140 guidelines can help in reducing congestion on the roads. The AIS-140 GPS tracker device can perk up traffic management and cut down the environmental blow as well. The public as well as the commercial users will certainly be benefitted from these.

Who Should Use AIS 140 GPS Tracker Devices?

AIS-140 has been principally implemented to decrease the Vehicular crime and offences in the country. In accordance with the mandate released by the government of India, Intelligent Transport System (AIS) certification for a GPS system is obligatory for commercial vehicles including public and private transportation. Following are the type of vehicles that must use AIS-140 GPS tracker devices:

 Operators that manage rental taxis

 Car, bus and taxi fleet operators as well as owners

 Corporate fleets

 Taxi-hailing service providers

 Operators dealing in self-driven car rentals

 State transport undertakings – both Intercity and Intracity

 Private bus operators as well as owners – both Intercity and Intracity

 Schools, colleges and other institutions including corporate bus operators
Why to Use These Devices?

 TrackingPro’s GPS system would enclose the features of GSM, GPS, and GPRS to help you get alerted.

 For any emergency help, our ARAI & AIS 140 certified GPS trackers come with SOS alarm in the fleet management system.

 Our devices have GPS system controlling and monitoring external application via inputs and outputs.

 The AIS-140 GPS tracker device system is competent of remembering 6000 of data storage or logs.

 The device comes with multiple alerts. Our AIS-140 GPS tracker device will initiate instantaneous alerts for numerous uses such as harsh braking, ignition alert, accelerate alert, low battery alert, SOS alert, rash turning and GPS system’s battery fully charged alert etc.

 Our AIS 140 GPS tracking devices give position accuracy between 2.5 - 5.0 meters. 

Being the best ARAI & AIS certified GPS Tracking Company in India, TrackingPro has come up with market leading AIS-140 certified GPS tracking devices all over India. We cover every part of the major cities of India. Our award-winning Government approved GPS tracking devices, web platform, and the commanding app provides businesses and individuals with the solutions for all walks of life from independent taxi drivers to commercial vehicles and school buses.

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